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About Us

Hello and welcome to, gents! I hope you’re ready for plenty of top class hardcore action with the best UK and Euro girls—with a few Yank babes dropping in from time to time, too! I’m Rock Charogne and since 2002 I’ve produced hot and fun UK-based series like Pornraider, Shaggaholics, Jobshagger, Oh Cum All Ye Faithful, XXXBritgirls, and Porneval. They’ve been on DVDs and websites like UKPornChix, but in the coming months you’ll now be able to find all my classic scenes as well as exclusive new content here in one handy site packed with the lusty models I like to call the “plug’n’play” girls—all we gotta do is “switch them on” and get the cameras rolling—they do the rest!

I have a simple test of whether a scene works or not—the girl wants to shoot for me again, and my talented crew wants her to come back. That’s the only “formula” that we apply here at and it works like a charm with both famous porn stars ready to show off their time-tested talents, or straight-from-the-neighborhood newcomers eager to spread their shaved pussies wide, suck deep their first dicks on camera, and let big rods plow back and forth between their gorgeous tits. Whether we’re shooting a sexy story like Pornraider about a female secret agent who loves cock as much as espionage, or Shaggaholics about sex “addicts” giving in time and again to their “compulsions” to enjoy big boobs and curvy ass, or “The Porn Mower Man” about a guy who can’t trim the lawn but gets to boff his employer’s wife’s smooth trimmed snatch—we deliver all the action you need with nice little bit of humor along the way!

As you’ll quickly notice, my personal favourites are boobs and blowjob scenes, and you’ll see plenty of them here as blondes, brunettes, and redheads slip out of their robes or lingerie or street clothes to get down with the Ordinary Joes who have the time of their lives scoring big with some of the juiciest British and Continental babes around, doing their thing from bedrooms to bathrooms to living rooms! So come inside, guys, and enjoy beautiful girls taking down their bras and panties to give their best to hung and horny guys who bang ‘em every which way they can!